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Super Bowl Champs

Eagles 12  Levittown 0

Bethpage Midget Blue, Midget blue had a tough season but managed to pull it together in the Playoffs...
We played Levittown in the Super Bowl and came out on top 12-0 giving us the the Trophy...
It started off as a grudge match going into the first half with a score of 0-0, until (resiliant) Ryan Dupre busted out of the pile with great blocking by Joe Lynn, Jake Glickman and Ben Pilgrim for a 45yd Touchdown. Then our stingy Defense of Liam Oconnor,Joey Mack,Alex Briganti and Andrew Miller held Levittown for a four and out. Next possession was started off by a end a round by Jojo Miranda and Anthony Falabella for a first down. Kyle Gensinger then took a run for another first down. Sean Smith then came out throwing behind big blocking from the offensive line Peter (the rookie) Georgatos and Paulie (the bull) Valenti. We came up short and turned it over to our Defense, which is when Richard (no Fear )Dracker and Matt (the beast) Christensen stuffed them. The turning point of the game was when Ray( don't stop running)Renneisen pounded the middle behind Jack Barton scoring our second Touchdown of the game. Again our Defense was huge in fourth by big tackles made by Ryan Hagen,Matteo (I'm cold) McLean. It was 4th and 2 when Christian ( your not getting by me) Espinal came through with a huge tackle for Levittown's loss. This was a huge victory for the Bethpage Midget Blue and Brian Lunneto who was sidelined since week two of the season with an injury.. I couldn't be more proud of the boys who didn't give up from week one..I'm truly gone miss these boys and looking forward to next season.. I couldn't have done this without the support of the coaches and parents!!
Coach Joe


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